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Vance Joseph coaching rumors swirling hard on Sunday

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The NFL season is still ongoing, but there are a lot of rumors that the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator could be a hot commodity this offseason.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are preparing to face the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, with a Wildcard playoff game next weekend. That has not stopped the rumors that defensive coordinator Vance Joseph could be on the radar of several teams looking for a new head coach. On Sunday, those rumors started swirling pretty hard, especially with news that Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak could be stepping down due to health concerns.

According to Ian Rapoport, Joseph likely would have been the Broncos’ head coach two years ago if they had not hired Kubiak. Jayson Braddock also adds that the Broncos have had past interest in Joseph.

Matt Miller adds that Joseph appears to be one of the hot names floating around the coaching circles, with the San Francisco 49ers included with the Broncos in the speculation.

Armando Salguero reported last week the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which works to advance minority candidates for coaching positions, has included Joseph on their head coaching candidate list for this year.

James Palmer adds that Dolphins players rave about Joseph and want him to stay, but they understand why other teams are interested in making him a head coach.

Since the Dolphins are guaranteed to be playing on Wildcard weekend, the league rules state that an assistant coach from a playoff team without a bye cannot be interviewed until after Wildcard weekend and before the Divisional round of the Playoffs. If the Dolphins win next Sunday, those rules would also limit any interviews to having to take place in Miami, and the Dolphins will have the right to determine which day they occur.