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Why 2017 is starting off as simply strange

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It is January 1, 2017, and I am not quite sure what to do at this point. Today is also the end of the 2016 regular season. This marks the end of the year for non-Playoff teams. For the first time since I took over The Phinsider as managing editor, this is the first time those non-Playoff teams do not include the Miami Dolphins.

That’s right, the Dolphins head to the postseason starting next week. They will either be the fifth-seed or the sixth-seed as a Wildcard and will be facing either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Houston Texans. For at least one more week, there is Miami Dolphins football.

Which makes, 2017 a very strange year.

There are coaches being fired all around the league right now, and we are not even to Black Monday yet.

The Dolphins are not included in that.

There are fan bases ready to see a a complete overhaul, with the General Manager following the head coach out the door.

The Dolphins are not included in that.

There are teams that are scrambling right now, starting to figure out how they can get their franchise quarterback or that key defender that will take the team out of the basement and to respectability.

The Dolphins are not included in that.

After today’s games, 20 of the 32 NFL Draft pick positions will be locked in based on the final regular-season win-loss records.

The Dolphins are not included in that.

At this point, I am usually talking to our contributors about how we are going to tackle draft preparations and prospect breakdowns. I am trying to figure out what the right schedule is for mock draft posting and discussions about changes to the coaching staff.

This year, the site is not included in that.

In fact, the danger this year is that key coaches, like defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, could be hired away from the team. Miami is not looking to change coaches, but they may be forced to because their coaches are so well regarded, they could be made into head coaches.

That is not something in which the Dolphins are usually included.

The new year is here and 2017 is starting off as an incredibly strange one.

And, that is exactly how it should be!