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Phinsider family loses one of our own

Emmett Dove
Facebook | Gregory S Parker

I am very sad to say that The Phinsider family got a little smaller on Thursday. Emmett Dove, you may have known him as E_Dove, has battled many medical issues over the past couple years, and, after becoming ill recently, he passed away on Thursday.

Emmett has not been as active as he used to be on the site, partially because of his medical issues, but he was a constant visitor in the past and many people had great interactions with him on the site. You will, if you were here then, remember Emmett - and even if you were not around much a couple of years ago, you may remember Emmett’s tatoo - a tattoo that got news coverage:

Emmett Dove

Emmett was always willing to talk Dolphins, and he was always willing to help out members of the site in getting Dolphins memorabilia and clothes. He did not come from the easiest background, and he always seemed to want to help others get out of their own troubles, especially a fellow Dolphins fan.

Rest in peace, Emmett. You will be missed here on The Phinsider. Our deepest condolences to your friends and family.