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Madden 17: Week 1 Dolphins @ Seahawks Prediction

EA Sports Madden 17

The NFL season is finally upon us, which means the Miami Dolphins will soon be heading west to take on the Seattle Seahawks. With the game just three days away, I decided to turn on my PS4, boot up Madden 17 and let the Madden Gods predict the outcome of Sunday’s game.

Here is a simulated version of the Week 1 match-up between the Miami Dolphins @ Seattle Seahawks.




10 Minutes


First Quarter

The Dolphins won the coin toss and elected to differ until the second half.

Seattle’s first play from scrimmage, was a 17-yard run by Thomas Rawls. Two plays later, Russell Wilson executed a perfect play-action fake, completing the pass to Jevon Kearse. Kearse skied up and ripped the ball away from Abdul-Quddus for the touchdown.

EA Sports Madden 17

Seahawks 7

Dolphins 0

Miami’s first offensive possession began with a 10-yard run by Arian Foster, who bulldozed over CB Richard Sherman. On the very next play, Miami is lined up in the pistol. Tannehill fakes the handoff to Arian Foster, and throws a dart over the middle to Jordan Cameron. 27-yard gain.

The next play, Ryan Tannehill completes a pass to Jarvis Landry for a 45-yard touchdown.

EA Sports Madden 17

Seahawks 7

Dolphins 7

After a disappointing first drive, the Dolphins defense comes out ready to play. Jelani Jenkins drops Rawls behind the line for a loss of 4. On the very next play, Mario Williams stops him behind the line of scrimmage for a 3 yard loss. On 3rd and 12 from the Seahawks 22, the Dolphins come up with a crucial stop, to force the punt.

After getting the ball back, Tannehill finds Landry on a curl route for 11 yards.

Second Quarter

Miami fails to convert the third down. Adam Gase decides to trot Andrew Franks out for the 58-yard field goal. Franks doesn’t have enough on the kick and it falls short. Seahawks ball.

After a quick three and out, the Dolphins get the ball back.

With two minutes left in the half, Miami methodically moves the ball into field-goal position. Kenny Stills has two big catches on this drive. It’s also worth noting, Seattle’s defensive line isn’t getting any pressure. Tannehill has all day to throw.

Once the drive stalls the Dolphins are force to attempt the field goal. This time, Andrew Franks nails the 42 yarder.


Seahawks 7

Dolphins 10

Key Halftime Stats

Tannehill 10/12 168 Yards 1 Touchdown

Wilson 5/5 64 Yards 1 Touchdown

Foster 11 Carries 33 Yards

Rawls 8 Carries 30 Yards

Landry 3 Catches 82 Yards

Cameron 4 Catches 51 Yards

Kearse 2 Catches 54 Yards

Third Quarter

Miami gets the ball to start the third quarter. After a short completion to Landry, the Dolphins hand the ball to Arian Foster. He breaks one tackle and scampers for a 57-yard touchdown. The Dolphins go up 10 on the Seahawks.

Seahawks 7

Dolphins 17

On the Seahawks next drive, the offense stutters. With just two yards to go on third down, Ndamukong Suh beats his man and drops Thomas Rawls in the back field. -2 yard loss. Seattle gets enough on the drive to settle for the field goal, Hauschaka nails a 41-yard field goal.

Seahawks 10

Dolphins 17

Fourth Quarter

Miami’s first drive of the quarter stutters, and Miami is forced to give the ball back to Seattle up 7.

EA Sports Madden 17

After a Cameron Wake sack that forced the Seahawks into a 2nd and 18, Russell Wilson complete a big 20 yard pass to Doug Baldwin. Two plays later, Wilson fakes the handoff and throws a 48-yard bomb to Baldwin, who beats Xavien Howard for the touchdown. Tie game!

Seahawks 17

Dolphins 17

The Dolphins begin their drive with six minutes left in the game. On 3rd and 4, Tannehill misses a wide open Kenny Stills along the sideline. Miami is forced to punt with 4: 33 seconds left in the game.

Seattle gets the ball back. After a Thomas Rawls 6-yard gain, Pete Carroll and his staff draw up the perfect play. Seattle sends speedster Tyler Lockett on a crossing pattern. Lockett outruns the Dolphins’ secondary and scores a 60-yard touchdown.

Seahawks 24

Dophins 17

2 Minutes 16 Seconds

After a curl to Jordan Cameron for a first down, the clock stops at two minutes.

Two Minute Warning

After the two minute warning, the Dolphins come out in a 5 wide set. Jordan Cameron runs a curl route for the first down. Miami hurries to the line and runs the same play, another completion to Cameron. First down. Tannehill again hurries to the line and again throws the ball to Jordan Cameron for the first down. Timeout Miami.

With 1:05 to go, the Dolphins face a crucial 3rd and 10. Tannehill buys time and finds a wide open Jarvis Landry in the middle of the field, 30-yard gain. Miami hurries to the line and hands the ball to Arian Foster. No gain. On the next play, Tannehill finds Jay Ajayi in the flats. He breaks a tackle and gets 9 on the play. 3rd and 1 from Seattle’s 15 yard line.

Tannehill drops back and completes the pass to Jakeem Grant for the first down. The ball is inside Seattle’s 5.

After two failed rushing attempts by Arian Foster, the Dolphins are again faced with a crucial third down. On third down, Tannehill completes the pass to Jordan Cameron between two defenders. TOUCHDOWN! All Miami has to do now is make the extra point, sending the game to overtime.

EA Sports Madden 17

After Pete Caroll triesto ice Andrew Franks on the extra point, the Dolphins tie the game.

Seahawks 24

Dolphins 24


EA Sports Madden 17

In overtime, the Seahawks won the toss and elected to receive. Two plays into overtime, Wilson dropped back to pass and got sacked by Ndamukong Suh. The impact of the hit forced Wilson to lose the football, Earl Mitchell recovered and the Dolphins have the ball at the Seawhawks 25-yard line.

EA Sports Madden 17

With the game on the line, Pete Carroll tries to ice Andrew Franks once more. The attempt is 29 yards out and the Dolphins can win with an Andrew Franks field goal. Franks makes the field goal from 29 yards out and the Miami Dolphins shock the Seattle Seahawks at home.

Final Score

Seahawks 24

Dolphins 27

EA Sports Madden 17
EA Sports Madden 17

Key Stats

Tannehill 23/35 299 Yards 2 Touchdown

Wilson 17/20 290 Yards 3 Touchdown

Foster 20 Carries 93 Yards 1 Touchdown

Rawls 14 Carries 66 Yards

Landry 4 Catches 95 Yards 1 Touchdown

Cameron 10 Catches 89 Yards 1 Touchdown

Kearse 3 Catches 93 Yards 1 Touchdown

Lockett 3 Catches 79 Yards 1 Touchdown

Baldwin 3 Catches 69 Yards 1 Touchdown


Ndamukong Suh

7 Total Tackles 2 Sacks 2 Forced Fumbles

Next week the Dolphins head to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots.