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Welcome to the 2016 regular season!

NFL: Preaseason-Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Conrgatulations! You have made it, finally, to the 2016 NFL regular season. The first games will come up staring with Thursday’s Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 rematch, with the Miami Dolphins opening their season on Sunday at the Seattle Seahawks. The regular season is upon us, which means it is time for us to transition into the regular season publishing schedule for The Phinsider as well.

I really am excited about what we are going to be bringing you this year. We have a great group of contributors, most of whom have spent the offseason getting themselves used to publishing here on the site as practice before the season started. Our author group has grown, as you know, over the last few months, and I really think we will be bringing you more content, and, much more importantly, better content this year.

My goal for the site is to return to more analysis. We used to be pretty good at breaking down not just what happened, but giving some of the “why” as well. Over the past couple of years, we have had to stray from that because our contributors were busy with other things - myself included - and there were more things to post each week than we had time to write. Now, with a bigger group of contributors, we can get back to spending the time posting good articles that break down the why of what happened each week.

That said, we are not going to get away from the fun that is this site as well. Things like the “Caption This” post will be making a comeback this year after fading away in the recent past.

So that you understand what to expect from us this year, Monday and Tuesday will be out primary recap/review days, looking back at the last game. Included in that will be our “Good, Bad, Ugly,” “Winners and Losers,” AFC East Review, “Stock Watch,” and other stories. The recaps will culminate on Wednesday mornings as Duke takes a look at the All-22 film from the game and breaks it down. We will then transition with the “Caption This” article mid-day on Wednesday before turning our attention to the upcoming game for the Dolphins.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will includes previews of the game like a “Madden 17” prediction of the game from Josh Houtz, the “Rooting Guide” for Dolphins fans, “5 Questions” with the opposing blogger, “What to Watch For,” “3 Key Matchups” from SUTTON and more. We will also have plenty of Fantasy Football coverage throughout the week, headed by Jordan Oyer.

Special events throughout the week will, of course, be the nightly live threads from James McKinney, with the open discussion threads available Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Monday, Thursday, and Sunday will have football live threads.

Tuesday nights at 9pm ET will be Phinsider Radio, hosted by Matthew Cannata. Make sure you are catching it live right here on the site, or down load it in iTunes.

Every morning, KDog will be continuing his Splash Zone collection of Dolphins news from around the web, then he will also have the Wednesday “Around SB Nation” article to review the top stories from the other 31 teams in the league.

What else do you guys want? As much as this all seems, there is still plenty of time available for posting. Are there stories you enjoyed in the past that we have lost somewhere over the years? Do you have an idea for a story that might make some sense? Let us know below and we will see what we can do.

And, of course, let’s go Dolphins!