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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Dolphins review

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are 1-3 on the season and did not look overly impressive in their Week 3 overtime win over the Cleveland Browns. It took three missed Cleveland field goals for the Dolphins to beat the Browns, and Miami’s defense was again torched on the ground. Across the web, the Dolphins are not exactly receiving high marks around the web after the win.

We have missed the first few rounds of the web’s Power Rankings, but today we get back into the habit, taking a look at the Dolphins position in some of the power rankings from around the internet.

SB Nation

Week 4: 21
Last Week: 21
Comments: No team specific comments.

Fox Sports

Week 4: 24
Last Week: 25
Comments: Miami got its first win of the season over the Browns, who were led by a third-string quarterback. And to make matters worse, it took overtime for the Fins to come out on top. The Dolphins and Jets are close for owning the title of the worst team in the division, but at least the Jets have a decent win over the Bills. The Dolphins barely beat an undermanned Cleveland team.

USA Today

Week 4: 27
Last Week: 24
Comments: All three of their games have been hard fought -- impressive in defeat (Seahawks, Patriots), but not in victory (Browns).


Week 4: 28
Last Week: Not listed
Comments: It took overtime and three missed field goals for these Dolphins to beat the Browns. At home. Not the most confidence inspiring win of all time.

CBS Sports

Week 4: 23
Last Week: 28
Comments: After a hard-fought overtime victory against the Browns, they have to go to Cincinnati on a short week. That won't be easy.

Week 4: 27
Last Week: 25
Comments: Please don't challenge the drop in the rankings here. Judging by Twitter, I don't think any Dolphins fans will complain. Ryan Tannehill threw for more than 300 yards, but as mentioned before, that merely speaks to the emptiness of the 300-yard game in today's NFL. Miami probably should've lost Sunday. Also, I've seen grumbling about why Cameron Wake has not been playing enough, which is interesting, because he had a sack and forced fumble in the first half, then had another strip-sack called back in the second. What's going on there with Wake? Anyone? Bueller


Week 4: 25
Last Week: 29
Comments: This team needed overtime and some luck to beat the Browns at home. A short week and then a game at the Bengals will not help matters, nor will the fact that this team can't hang on to the ball. The Dolphins have the third-lowest time of possession this season.


Week 4 Average: 25.00
Week 3 Average: 25.33
Change: +0.33
Highest Ranking: 21 (SB Nation)
Lowest Ranking: 28 (Yahoo)