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Miami Dolphins Item Of The Week

Miami Dolphins Item Of The Week

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What if you wake up one day and you realize that none of your neighbors are Miami Dolphins fans? What if you are Coach and everyone for as far as the eye can see are Bills and Jets fans (Can you imagine the horror?)? What if God forbid, you live in or outside of Boston? Now you have to deal with a weird accent and Patriots fans. That would not be "wicked pissa" or maybe it is. Is that a compliment or an insult? Does anyone really know for sure? Damn it, man, just go ahead and move already. Well, if moving to a more geographically desirable area, fan base wise, is out of the question, the least you can do is let your neighbors know where your heart and soul are with this week's handy Dolphins item.

This week's item is inexpensive with a bit of a rustic feel if that happens to be the sort of thing that really jazzes you. This handy Miami Dolphins "Welcome To Our Home" sign is made of wood (most likely meaning the finest of particle board that a man can buy) and measures a very convenient 6 inches high by 12 inches wide. It's priced at a very reasonable $14.95 with free shipping for all Amazon Prime members. As an added bonus there are no reviews for this product yet so you can also  have that honor if you decide to order one of these for your home, RV, cabin, apartment, office or basement in Utah.

You too can have your very own by going HERE!