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Looking for your feedback

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We have completed the first week of the season, with complete coverage from pre-game through the Miami Dolphins loss to the Seattle Seahawks and through the post-game coverage. We did things like our weekly TV post, a look at the connections between the teams, the rooting guide as a Dolphins fan, the good, bad, and ugly from the game, the stock watch, and the All-22 film review. We talked fantasy, Madden, Dolphins swag and more.

Which brings us to today’s questions. What did we miss? What worked well? What didn’t work? What can we do to bring you something better?

I can tell you a few things that I realized we missed this week. We didn’t cover any of the power rankings, and those usually get you guys discussing things well. We also did not have the post we did last week where we had individual predictions of the Dolphins game, to include the score, from the different writers here on the site. But what else? There are things out there that we used to do in the past that we do not do now, and maybe you really enjoyed one of those. Maybe there is something else that we have never considered. This is your chance to help make The Phinsider an even better place.

We want your feed back. Feel free to leave it in the comments below and we will see if we can include it as the season continues.