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Madden 17: Week 2 Dolphins @ Patriots

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In Week 1 of the regular season, the Miami Dolphins failed to beat the Seattle Seahawks, despite playing a well disciplined game. Miami lost 12-10, falling short of pulling off the improbable victory.

Like last week, I will give the Madden gods final say over who will win in Week 2. The Dolphins managed to pull off the overtime win in last week’s simulation, how will the team fair this week against their division rival, the New England Patriots?

Here is a simulated version of the Week 2 match-up between the Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots




10 Minutes


First Quarter

Like the week prior, the Dolphins won the coin toss and elected to defer until the second half.

New England’s offense marched onto the field, led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppplo. On their first two plays from scrimmage, the Patriots came out running the ball. This left the Patriots in a third and manageable situation. With just three yards to go, Garaoppolo drops back to pass and finds a wide open Chris Hogan. First down.

A few plays later and the Patriots are on the Dolphins’ side of the 50-yard line. On 2nd and 7, Garoppolo finds a wide open Rob Gronkowski for a 32-yard gain. Two plays later, the Patriots are in the end zone. Touchdown, Gronkowksi!

Patriots 7

Dolphins 0

Miami’s first offensive possession begins with a 22-yard reception by DeVante Parker, who found a soft spot in the Patriots’ secondary. On the next play, Arian Foster breaks free for a 12-yard run, first and 10 Miami. Tannehill fakes the hand off to Foster, and takes off along the left side for a 31-yard gain.

On the next play, Ryan Tannehill throws a strike to Leonte Carroo for the 36-yard touchdown.

Patriots 7

Dolphins 7

Miami’s defense looked over-matched during the Patriots’ first drive, but came out much improved on New England’s second. On the first play of the Patriots’ second drive, Ndamukong Suh stopped James White behind the line for a two-yard loss. On 2nd and 12, Garoppolo dropped back and found a wide open Julian Edelman for an 8-yard gain. The very next play on 3rd and 4, Xavien Howard blitzed from the edge, sacking Garoppolo for a 6-yard loss. 4th down. The Dolphins forced a crucial punt, getting the ball back before the end of the quarter.

Second Quarter

The Dolphins get the ball to begin the second quarter. After a solid run from Arian Foster, Miami’s offense falters and the team is forced to punt the ball back to the Patriots.

After a quick three and out, the Dolphins get the ball back.

With eight minutes left in the half, the Dolphins have a chance to take the lead prior to the half. Gase decides to be conservative, using Arian Foster to move the ball downfield. After a perfectly executed play-action pass by Tannehill, the Dolphins are within field-goal range. On the very next play, Tannehill fumbles the snap resulting in a fumble. New England’s ball with under three minutes to go.

New England manages to move the ball down field, and into field goal range with less than :45 second left in the half. Josh Gostokowski kicks a 38-yard field goal and the Patriots take the lead.

Patriots 10

Dolphins 7

Miami gets the ball back with :22 seconds left in the half and decides to take a knee.


Patriots 10

Dolphins 7

Key Halftime Stats

Tannehill 12/17 145 Yards 1 Touchdown 1 Fumble

Garoppolo 9/10 187 Yards 1 Touchdown

Foster 8 Carries 44 Yards

White 9 Carries 54 Yards 1 Touchdown

Landry 2 Catches 18 Yards

Carroo 3 Catches 72 Yards 1 Tochdown

Hogan 4 Catches 66 Yards

Third Quarter

Adam Gase had his team ready for the third quarter, and the Dolphins offense came out ready to play. Arian Foster begins the second half with a big 42-yard gain, and the Dolphins are within field goal range early in the second half.

After a perfectly timed Jarvis Landry screen pass, Miami is in the redzone. New England’s defense tightens up, and Miami is unable to get the ball into the end zone. The Dolphins must settle for the Andrew Franks field goal.

Patriots 10

Dolphins 10

The Patriots get the ball back and stall after failing to convert the third down.

Miami gets the ball back and goes three and out.

Garoppolo marches out to the field, looking to lead his team to victory. After a first down James White run, the Patriots decide to take a chance deep. Garoppolo drops back to pass and heaves a bomb down field. Incomplete! Wait, the ref throws a flag! Pass interference on the defense.

Xavien Howard is flagged for the pass interference, and the Patriots are now within field goal range. After three failed pass attempts, New England must settle for the field goal.

Patriots 13

Dolphins 10

Fourth Quarter

The Dolphins come out ready to play in the fourth quarter. After failing to convert a crucial third down, Andrew Franks is sent out to attempt the 52-yard field goal. The ball is snapped, the kick is up, and it’s gooooood!!!!!

Patriots 13

Dolphins 13

Both teams go three and out, not once, but twice.

New England gets the ball back on Miami’s 20-yard line, with under six minutes to go in the fourth quarter. This is when Jimmy Garoppolo begins to transform into Tom Brady. The first play from scrimmage is a hand-off to James White for a short gain. On the next play, Garoppolo finds Gronkowski in the middle of the field for the 16-yard gain. With under 3 minutes to go, the Patriots need just 38 yards to get into field goal range.

After an incomplete pass, White takes the ball around the left end for a 20-yard gain.

Two Minute Warning

On the very first play after the two minute warning, Garoppolo finds a wide open Julian Edelman in for the first down. The completion puts the Patriots in field goal range. After forcing Miami to burn their timeouts, New England gets the first down with under :45 seconds to go.

After a first down run, the Patriots let the clock tick down to :8 seconds. Miami uses their final timeout to try and ice the kicker, however, Stephen Gostkowski isn’t phased and kicks the 51-yard field goal to give the Patriots the lead and inevitably the win.

Patriots 16

Dolphins 13

Final Score

Patriots 16

Dolphins 13

Key Stats

Tannehill 12/17 145 Yards 1 Touchdown 1 Fumble

Garoppolo 22/30 289 Yards 1 Touchdown

Foster 17 Carries 102 Yards

White 15 Carries 79 Yards 1 Touchdown

Landry 5 Catches 38 Yards

Carroo 4 Catches 76 Yards 1 Tochdown

Hogan 9 Catches 72 Yards

Gronkowski 7 Catches 82 Yards 1 Touchdown


Jimmy Garoppolo

22/30 289 1 Touchdown

Next week the Dolphins will be home to host the Cleveland Browns at Hard Rock Stadium