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Miami Dolphins Item Of The Week

Each week we will take a look at some new or unique Miami Dolphins item that you can purchase and add to your ever growing collection.

Courtesy Brand Marketing Group and Levi's
Courtesy Brand Marketing Group and Levi's

Kevin came to me with a request, can you write just one hard-hitting, serious journalistic Miami Dolphins article for me each week? I knew there was plenty of fluff reporting out there so I thought what's a subject that would really touch off some serious emotion and debate and that might extend to our real world day to day lives? After much thought and consideration (took me at least 2 or three minutes), I came up with this post covering a subject that is both deeply emotional as well as very serious for each and every one of us Dolphins fans. Each week I will post some fun or new or unique item for you to potentially add to your  collection or to further accent you "man cave" so as to feed into your family's already growing suspicion/belief that you might have a serious problem. I don't expect you to thank me for this small bit of public service, I am a giver, it's what I do!

So for this weeks item I give you a couple of items (yep two for one, told you I was a giver). I received this in a promotional email and I suspect that this post is exactly what they had in mind when they sent it to me so who am I to fight it? Both of these items that you can see above in the photo are available via the Levi's website. At this time they only have the two items that might be of interest to some Dolphins fans, I suspect especially so if you happen to be Canadian. The jeans jacket is listed as the NFL Denim Trucker Jacket and retails for $108 while the shirt is listed as the NFL Plaid Western Shirt and goes for $78. I have not figured out the exchange rate for the Canadians yet as I once again expect them to be the biggest consumers of these items, especially the jacket to fill out their "Tuxedo" collection. Check them out and let us know what you think and I will be back with something new next week.

Also, do not hesitate to email me a link from anywhere  if you happen to stumble across something truly unique.

Find both items here!