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WR Stills Almost Singlehandedly Costs Miami A Win

Speedy Wideout Drops Sure Touchdown, Paves The Way For Another Heartbreaking Loss

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You can't put this one on the defense; that understocked, under drafted and undermanned unit played their hearts out all afternoon long, holding the Seahawks to just six points, until there was less than a minute remaining in the game.

You can't put this one on the offense, even though they admittedly didn't do a whole lot against the NFL's top rated defense.  You can't put this one on the special teams or the coaching staff, either. The old cliche, 'We win and lose as a team', just doesn't really work in this case.  No, this loss came down to one crucial play, in the second quarter of a game in which points came few and far between.  Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, on a slow developing play, threw a deep pass down the middle of the field, and WR Kenny Stills had a good ten yards of daylight between himself and the closest Seattle defender.  All Tannehill had to do was hit Stills in stride, and the tough, gutty fifth year QB did just that. Dolphins fans the world over watched breathlessly as the ball came down, directly into Stills' outstretched hands.

Stills dropped it.

Throughout Tannehill's first four years in the National Football League, his detractors, of whom there are many, have sagely pointed to Ryan's lack of success throwing the deep ball as a reason he will never be an 'elite' quarterback, but this pass was about as pretty, and as perfect, as a pass can be, and it was right on target.

Stills dropped it.

While his teammates will surely say all the right things over the next couple of days, as this loss, and Stills' costly gaffe, are discussed by the various news outlets that cover the team, anyone who watched that game, and saw that particular play, knows better.  Miami had a golden opportunity to defeat the team with the most imposing home field advantage in the NFL in their own backyard.

Stills dropped it.