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The Phinsider community Dolphins at Seahawks predictions

If you were around the site last year, you saw us starting using a prediction widget from The Crowd’s Line. This widget allows readers from around the SB Nation sites to predict the final score of the game for their team. Then, it compares how far from the actual final everyone for each SB Nation site was, and ranks the NFL sites against each other.

Last year, we do not do well as a site, coming in near the bottom every week and hovering between 30th and 32nd overall for most of the year. Can we do better in 2016? He is our chance to try.

Earlier today, I made my straight up pick of Miami pulling off the upset in this game. Basically, I look at the first week of the season as a toss up around much of the league, because no one really knows for sure what a team has. There are player and coaching changes to try to track, as well as updated playbooks and players returning from injury and players being injured. There are so many unknowns in the first week, that I feel okay with going with the homer pick. The Dolphins very well could go into Seattle and surprise the Seahawks, so why not make the pick?

As for a final score, I will go 23-20, Miami. Now it is up to you. What do you think will be the final score? Use the widget below.