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Titans at Dolphins final score and immediate reactions

NFL: Preaseason-Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins held their final preseasons game of the year on Thursday, hosting the Tennessee Titans. The game started off ugly for Miami, with Jay Ajayi fumbling the first handoff of the night, with Tennessee recovering and, ultimately scoring a touchdown.

The game was fairly brutal, evolving into a punt fest for most of the second half. The depth player obviously played the majority of the game - and these two teams face each other in the regular season - so the offense and defense were fairly vanilla, and it allowed the Titans to jump out to an early lead.

Final Score

Titans 21 - Dolphins 10.

In-Game Reactions and Thoughts

  • Kenyan Drake starting as the kick returner for the Dolphins. Getting the rookie involved early.
  • And Jay Ajayi fumbles the opening hand off, with the Titans recovering. Zac Dysert with the start at quarterback.
  • Touchdown Titans. 7-0. Derrick Henry touchdown run.
  • That’s a miserable start for Miami. Drake back again to receive the kick.
  • Drake nearly breaks the return, only being tackle because he lost his balance.
  • Jay Ajayi picks up 16 yards on the run. Good response after the fumble.
  • Jay Ajayi drops a pass. Not a good start for the preseumed number one running back. Arian Foster in the wings waiting to pounce.
  • Miami punting.
  • What an interception from Tony Lippett! Went up and caught a pass that should have been over his head. 22-yard return as well.
  • Dolphins go for it on 4th-and-1. Damien Williams stuffed. Turnover on downs.
  • Oh, preseason game four, you are so much fun.
  • Damien Williams needed to pick up that first down. He’s hanging on to the roster at this point because Isaiah Pead is injured. It’s not a safe position, and he has to show something tonight.
  • After a bad snap, Titans in 2nd-and-19, so Derrick Henry picks up 28 yards on a run. Where’s the defense?
  • Another big run from Henry. Then a reception. Maybe the Dolphins should try stopping him.
  • Neville Hewitt with the horsecollar tackle. Not a good way to make an impression.
  • Touchdown Titans. 14-0. Antonio Andrews 1-yard run.
  • First quarter ends. Mercifully.
  • 4th preseason games are miserable.
  • Dolphins start second quarter with a near pick and a punt. Titans muff the punt but recover.
  • Bobby McCain with the pick. Good reading of the play and reactions to get the pick. 1st and 10 Miami at the Titans 22.
  • MarQuies Gray with a good catch and run, lowering his shoulder and picking up 20 yards. Needs to have a good game to catch the eyes of the coaches.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Daniel Thomas up the middle for the Dolphins’ score. Now Titans 14-7.
  • Dolphins defense does well and forces a Titans punt. Short kick and Dolphins will be coming out of this with good field position. Can they put together something and tie up the game?
  • Jamil Douglas with the false start. He is another guy on the roster bubble needing a good performance tonight.
  • Dolphins punting.
  • Matt Darr had a really good punt there. Pooched it on a short field to avoid the touchback.
  • Touchdown Titans. Antonio Andrews again. Now Titans 21-7.
  • Kenyan Drake now in as a running back for the first time.
  • This game is rough.
  • Dolphins punting after a penalty on 2nd-and-1. Fumble! Daniel Thomas forces the fumble, John Denney recovers. Miami ball deep in Titans territory.
  • Dysert scrambles away from pressure and throws the pick in the endzone.
  • Titans kneel and kill the clock. Halftime.
  • Titans getting the ball to start the second half.
  • Cleyon Laing and Chris Jones with good plays on the first possession. Both are fighting for roster spots.
  • Titans punt. Griff Whalen back for the return, lets it bounce and the Titans nearly down it inside the five. Whalen made a mistake there and he might not be able to afford mistakes.
  • Brandon Doughty now in at quarterback for Miami.
  • Daniel Thomas running hard, but it’s probably too late for him to claim a roster spot. Would have to be kept over Damien Williams.
  • Good 33-yard pass form Brandon Doughty to Kenyan Drake. Doughty underthrew the pass, unfortunately.
  • Field Goal. Andrew Franks, 39 yards. Now Titans 21-10.
  • Oh, hey, there’s still a game going on. I’m not sure many are watching it still. Flash Twitter poll says 62% of you aren’t watching the game anymore.
  • Punt Dolphins. Punt Titans.
  • Good cut back and run from Kenyan Drake. Picked up three, but could have been a 4 yard loss.
  • Brandon Doughty making some good throw. Not sold on Miami keeping three quarterbacks, but Doughty trying to make the point that they need to keep him/
  • Dolphins punt.
  • Cleyon Laing on the sack. Guessing the team looks at him as a practice squad candidate. There were other teams interested in signing him out of the CFL, however, and he could be a poaching target.
  • Titans punting. That’s the fifth straight punt of this half, with six possessions total ending in punts in the second half. The only possession that did not end in a punt was Miami’s field goal.
  • Dolphins go three-and-out. Make it sixth straight punt.
  • Finally it’s over.
  • Final score: 21-10 Titans.

Immediate Reactions

This game was hard to watch, just because it was a really long punt fest. Yes there were plenty of points scored, especially by the Titans, but the game as a whole was tough to try to watch. This game was all about the depth players, but it did not make for an entertaining game.

On a side note, the stadium looked good. It will be interesting to hear the stories of fans who attended the game.