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SUTTON’s Salute to Jarvis Landry’s First Down Signal

Getty Images/Stephen Pond - Jarvis Landry Points First Down Vs. The New York Jets

Other than sex, drugs, and rock and roll, there’s nothing much better on Earth than Jarvis Landry’s first down signal. It’s like you just had a beer with Dan Marino, you find $20 in your pocket you didn’t know you had, and Dawn Aponte winks at you as you pass by. CLINK! CHEERS! TO JARVIS LANDRY’S FIRST DOWN SIGNAL...

He’s got such a variety of 1st down signals, I only wish I had more access to the first down celebration game film to dissect it with more vigor. He’s got the “robot and slow point” (seen above): slight, but exaggerated, shoulder shrug the other way. Oh no, did we not get the first down, Jarvis? Psyche! Pivots that shoulder back the other way, and a very subtle and slow finger point towards the direction we’re headin’. Smooth as hell.

NFL: International Series-Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

He’s got the “super lunge”, where he’s so excited after making a play that he can’t help but exert more energy celebrating, more energy than I have exerted in an entire week. This triggers an almost-instinctual fist pump. Sorry sweetie, no, I can’t hold the baby. Jarvis Landry just got a first down. I need to fist pump the air.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Where’s the closest beer vendor, Jarvis? That way? Ok thanks, buddy! Here’s a rare stationary first down celebration pose for Juice. He probably got tackled by, like, 8 dudes so he was probably pretty tired. Not tired enough to have a sweet first down point!

With DeVante Parker operating a boundary, while a competition/rotation between Kenny Stills and Leonte Carroo (and perhaps a dark horse) will be operating the other. If our TE’s and RB’s can do their part in the passing game, then there’s every reason to believe the middle of the field will continue to be Jarvis’ kingdom. A guy who set the NFL record for most receptions in the first 2 years of his career? Yes, please! More first downs! More first downs!

Jarvis Landry, your first down celebrations make me LOL, and for that, you get a SUTTON salute, which I assure you is not a sexual advance. Unless you want it to be. CLINK! CHEERS! TO JARVIS LANDRY’S FIRST DOWN SIGNAL...