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May Peyton Manning Bestow His Gangsta-Pimp-Daddyness on Ryan Tannehill

Whether Peyton Manning is testing the waters of a coaching career, or simply at Miami Dolphins camp to hang out, Ryan Tannehill is the real beneficiary of Manning's presence.

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As I mentioned on Phinsider Radio, I don't know if Peyton Manning's multiple visits to Miami Dolphins headquarters is more of a reflection of Adam Gase, or more of a lucky happenstance for Ryan Tannehill. Apples and oranges comparison so who really cares, because this is not a mutually exclusive event. It's an encouraging reflection of Adam Gase's relationship with a future Hall of Famer and one of the elite QB's of all-time AND gives an opportunity for arguably the smartest QB to ever play the game to generate football information orgasms for Ryan Tannehill.

To be blunt, a player's ability is about what cerebral attributes he has and the body he has to carry out what he believes to be good football. Mind and body are interdependent. I doubt most of us question Tannehill's physical attributes, but what we don't fully understand is: what is he capable of from an intellectual standpoint?

One of the reasons we have a much easier time fully evaluating Ryan Tannehill and his future with the team is by virtue of the fact that all of the physical and mental aspects of the game will be on the game tape. We won't know it as fans, but the team will know what pre-snap protections he's making, what bluffs he's trying, what hot routes he's changing, and what motions he uses to isolate 1-on-1 match-ups. There's simply nowhere to hide. I'm not saying we throw him into the Atlantic Ocean if he doesn't get us to the Playoffs, but we DO have a richer understanding of what his trajectory is as a professional QB, and subsequently make a much more informed decision about what to do with him.

Peyton Manning is perhaps the most prolific pre-snap reader and manipulator in NFL history. For a guy like Tannehill coming in with newfound freedoms at the line of scrimmage, I'm pleading with the football gods until my knees get weak enough to melt into the floor that one of those QB meeting room topics of conversation involve how to identify mismatches and exploit them. In other words, please Peyton, teach Tannehill how to identify a mark, and punk that b****. In my opinion, one of the "missing links" in Tannehill's game is finding the other team's Old Yeller and taking him behind the shed. C'mon Ryan, find a throat and step on it.

Behind Manning's friendly facade is a dangerous serial killer of secondaries, and I can only hope that his sinister instruction will influence Ryan Tannehill to slay whatever defense is in the way.