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Falcons vs Dolphins final score and immediate reactions

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins hosted the Atlanta Falcons in a Preseason Week 3 contest that featured the starters for both teams playing deep into the game. Miami’s offense came out in rhythm for the first time this year, and the defense stepped up as well. In all, it was a good game for Miami, while the Falcons seemed to struggle.

Below, you will find a run down of the game, as well as my immediate reactions to all of the action throughout the contest:

Final Score

Miami 17-6

In Game Thoughts and Reactions

  • They did a pretty good job of making the stadium look like the Dolphins’ home stadium with the colors and banners.
  • Ryan Tannehill with a 22 yard run to start the game. Good read option that really confused people with a good fake.
  • Ryan Tannehill to Jordan Cameron and it’s caught!
  • Dolphins working no huddle on first drive.
  • Good third down pass to Kenny Stills and the Dolphins are finding a rhythm.
  • Or not. Tipped pass at the line of scrimmage, Kenny Stills tries to knock down the pass, but knocks it straight to Atlanta’s Desmond Trufant, who comes away with the pick.
  • Tony Lippett completely whiffed on Julio Jones, who cut inside on a slant route and picked up a first down.
  • 3rd down, Cameron Wake enters the game and hits Matt Ryan as the quarterback scrambles away and tries to thrown. Great first play for Wake.
  • Ryan Tannehill is throwing the ball with some speed tonight. Throwing hard and accurate early in the game.
  • Ryan Tannehill got away with one there. Tried to short arm the pass as he released under pressure, ball floated a little and was nearly picked off.
  • Jordan Cameron with the drop - again. Would not have picked up the first down, but Cameron has to catch a ball that hits him straight in the chest.
  • The Dolphins defense is playing fast tonight. Ndamukong Suh just read a screen pass and ran across the field to make the tackle. Great play and Miami is actually attacking tonight...finally.
  • 4th-and-1 and the Falcons are going for it. Inside run...straight at Suh? Miami wins that battle and stop the Falcons. Miami’s ball.
  • Ryan Tannehill just rolled to his right and was looking for Jordan Cameron. Cameron turned his head away from the play just as Tannehill tried to throw it. Luckily, Tannehill held on to the ball and found Dion Sims.
  • Arian Foster in the game. Comes up with a nice catch as an emergency outlet, with a better run after.
  • Foster again, this time on the run, finding the edge and picking up some good yards.
  • Fumbled exchange between Anthony Steen and Ryan Tannehill. With the injury to Mike Pouncey, we are probably going to have to see this a few times over the next couple of weeks.
  • 4th-and-4, Ryan Tannehill finds Arian Foster for thr first down. First-and-goal.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Arian Foster in from four-yards out! Dolphins 7-0!
  • Julio Jones going deep and Matt Ryan just throws it up. Bobby McCain ends up tripping Jones and getting penalized.
  • 3rd-and-Goal for Atlanta, Matt Ryan to Reshad Jones for the interception at the goal line!
  • 3-and-out for Miami.
  • Ndamukong Suh and Julio Jones are both questionable to return for the game with ankle injuries.
  • Good stand by the Miami defense to force a punt.
  • Isaiah Pead in now with the first team offense.
  • Dolphins again having to punt.
  • Miami cornerbacks still having problems. Not a surprise. The team needs Xavien Howard to get up to speed quickly, and they need him to be ready to be a starting cornerback.
  • Field goal Falcons. 7-3 Miami.
  • Wow. Good hit on DeVante Parker to break up the pass. Really a good hit.
  • The Dolphins offense is again working no huddle. If the team can keep up this tempo, they are going to wear out some defenses.
  • Ryan Tannehill deep down the middle to Kenny Stills. Pass interference. Miami 1st-and-10 at the 35 yard line with 38 seconds.
  • Great 2 minute drive by the Dolphins, getting down the field and into field goal range. Ryan Tannehill clearly was changing plays at the line of scrimmage and directing the offense. He’s really beginning to look like he is in control of the Adam Gase system and making smart decisions.
  • And then the field goal attempt is no good. Just a horrible kick by Andrew Franks.
  • Halftime. Miami 10-3.
  • Atlanta getting the ball to start the second half.
  • Dolphins go to their second-string defense.
  • FUMBLE! Ruled down by contact. Adam Gase is challenging - and that ball is clearly out. Should be overturned and Miami ball. Michael Thomas with the forced fumble and recovery.
  • Second team offense is in. Zac Dysert at quarterback. Odd that Dysert is in second, with Brandon Doughty still on the sideline.
  • Dolphins threatening on a nice drive by the second string.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Damien Williams. 14-3 Miami.
  • Ryan Tannehill’s final stats were 20-for-29 for 155 yards with one touchdown.
  • Arian Foster finished with five carries for 10 yards, with two receptions for 20 yards. Jay Ajayi carried the ball seven times for 11 yards .
  • Great return by the Falcons, almost to midfield.
  • Nothing much happens for the Falcons second-team offense, and they settle for a field goal. Atlanta. 14-6 Miami.
  • Dolphins offensive line did not allow a sack on Ryan Tannehill, and actually gave him time to throw throughout the night. First time in years it felt like a Miami quarterback had the time to find his third or fourth option.
  • Damien Williams is looking good during the game. Quick and making good decisions before hitting the hole.
  • Zac Dysert with the rolling pocket and the connection. Clearly, the Dolphins are looking to make sure that is a part of the offense this year.
  • A couple of nice runs from Dysert, but the drive eventually stalls. Dolphins field goal. 17-6 Miami.
  • Game dissolving into a punt fest.
  • Terrence Fede limps off the field. Chris McCain also injured with a shoulder issue.
  • Dolphins rule Fede out of the game.
  • Matt Schaub fumbles on an Atlanta 4th down attempt. Recovers, but Miami’s ball.
  • The end of the gem was pretty well boring.
  • Wow this last official review is taking forever. Shamiel Gary with the forced fumble, but Miami not given the recovery. Atlanta will go for it on 4th-and-32.
  • Miami finally killing the clock with kneel downs.

Immediate reactions:

What a great job by Ryan Tannehill and the first team offense. They were in rhythm, and Tannehill made some great reads and decisions. The offensive line was exceptional in pass protection, and even got some running game started. The defense also seemed to come ready to play this week, which was important given how poorly they played last week. Maybe the only criticism in the immediate reactions is wanting to see more points scored this week.