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PFF: Tannehill ‘had near perfect outing’ versus Cowboys

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NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is a lightning rod for criticism and debate among analysts and fans. Every throw by the fifth-year quarterback is broken down, with 55-yard completions ridiculed for not allowing the receiver to score a touchdown and check-downs criticized for not being thrown into tight coverage where an interception could be made. Nothing Tannehill does is good, at least to some.

When it comes to Pro Football Focus, apparently everything he does is perfect. At least when it comes to last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, where Tannehill was ranked as the top performing quarterback across the league. Explaining, PFF writes:

The raw numbers suggest Dak Prescott should be here, but the key bad decision nullified by a penalty is hidden by his box score, but not his grades. Instead, Tannehill had a near-perfect outing in his first (extended) preseason action, scoring a pair of touchdowns, completing a fantastic pass on a corner route, and not earning a single negative-graded play against the Cowboys.

It was one preseason performance, and it was in the second game of the exhibition season, so Tannehill has to show a lot more, show it consistently, and show it in games that actually count. It is, however, good to see Miami's quarterback get recognized for having a positive game as the Dolphins offense begins settling into the new offense being installed by head coach Adam Gase.