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The Splash Zone 8/23/16: Mike Pouncey's Replacement Has Never Played A Regular Season Snap

Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

All eyes are on Anthony Steen now as he will be the Dolphins starting center on Thursday night. Pouncey is going to miss the rest of the preseason and possibly Week 1. The Dolphins viewed Steen more as a center than a guard and thought the team was joking when they told him that. Fast forward to now and his versatility has earned him a starting spot. Steen has very minimal work at center, which he played a little bit at Alabama. I'm rooting for him and hope he does well.

You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day's round-up below.

Dolphins starting center Anthony Steen thought his coaches were joking about playing the position | Miami Herald
When Dolphins coaches asked Anthony Steen if he could play center, he thought he was getting Punk’D. Instead, he’ll be with the starters in prime time on Thursday.

Dolphins Quarterbacks

Tannehill Back On The Run
Tannehill’s two runs for 16 yards played a big role in the Dolphins’ second touchdown drive in the second quarter.

Hyde5: Parsing stat that puts Tannehill with Marino, Manning - Sun Sentinel
Let’s start here: Any football ranking based solely on total yards is flawed. That idea is underlined when it comes to a quarterback’s passing yards. Take the

Dolphins Offensive Line

Strangeness of Mike Pouncey injury; Anthony Steen talks | Miami Dolphins In Depth
Mike Pouncey promises to be back. He was not available to reporters in the locker room today and obviously was not on the practice field because he is now nursing a left hip injury (again) that has forced the team...

Steen Feeling Comfortable In The Middle
With Mike Pouncey sidelined with a hip injury, Anthony Steen has taken over as the Dolphins’ starting center for at least the rest of the preseason, completing a remarkable rise from practice squad guard

Dolphins Preseason

Issues threatening Miami Dolphins' process of being good | Miami Dolphins In Depth
The Miami Dolphins keep telling me this team-building they are doing now is a process and it will come together and it will lead to a good team. They tell me the offense will be good. They tell me the...

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Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

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