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Mike Pouncey injury update: Out for remainder of preseason

Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey will miss the rest of the preseason and could be in danger of missing the start of the season.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever the Miami Dolphins seem to make progress with their offensive line, something immediately happens to force the team to take a step back. On Sunday, that step back came in the form of Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey being ruled out of the team’s final two preseason games with a hip injury.

The injury occurred during the team’s 41-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Friday.

“Right now, he obviously won’t be playing in the Atlanta game,” head coach Adam Gase said Sunday after the team’s practice. “We most likely won’t see him the rest of the preseason. We need to keep evaluating as far as what’s going on with him. There’s going to be that constant communication of doctors, trainers, sports science, strength and conditioning. Like I said, we’re going to be week-to-week right now, and we’re trying to get him better as fast as possible.”

Gase then continued, admitting the injury could carry into the regular season as well, “I don’t want to put a timetable on it, but there’s a possibility. If things change for us or if we get some kind of diagnosis where they tell us it’s a longer period time than we originally thought, it could happen. Right now, like I said, we got to be ‘next man up.’ We can’t hope for this to happen because we don’t know right now. That’s why we’re still working with the doctors as far as, ‘Where are we at? How long is this going to be?’ We’re taking our time as far as making sure we got the right evaluation and we make the right decision.”

The Dolphins will turn to Anthony Steen while Pouncey recovers. Hip injuries have been an issue with Pouncey over the last few years, and including this offseason when he had to have one hip cleaned out. That procedure was done on his right hip, with this injury involved the left hip.