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NFL removes ‘probable’ from weekly injury report

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is changing the weekly injury report heading into the 2016 season:

Previously, the league had four categories in the weekly injury report for each team. Broken into percentages describing the chances to play for each player, the categories were “probable” (75% chance or greater to play), “questionable” (50-50 to play), “doubtful” (75% chance to miss the game), and “out.” Starting in 2016, the league will remove the “probable” category, realigning “questionable” to mean there is a chance the player will miss the game, but it is better than 50% that he will play. Doubtful will now be less than a 50% chance of playing, and out will still be a player ruled out of the game.

Practice reports will still be due four- and three-days prior to a team’s game following their practice on those days. Injury reports are published two days before the game. Thursday Night Football games will see practice reports on Monday and Tuesday, with injury reports released on Wednesday.

Basically, expect the injury report to list a whole bunch of players as “questionable” each week - especially if you are reading the New England Patriots’ roster...I mean injury report.