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Dion Jordan ‘likely going to be a defensive end’

Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph discusses Dion Jordan’s role with the team.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have yet to see Dion Jordan return to the practice field after his 15-month suspension thanks to recovery from knee surgery the former third-overall draft pick underwent in the offseason. For many, the question of whether or not Jordan is able to play after his time away from the game is only slightly ahead of the question of where Jordan will play. Is he a defensive end or a linebacker?

The Dolphins in the past have used Jordan in both positions, having him rush the passer as a hand-in-the-dirt, 4-3 prototype defensive end. They have had him covering tight ends, running backs, and even receivers down the field like a linebacker. The have had him serving on kick coverage and punt blocking. He has done a lot for the Dolphins - when he has been able to play - but he has never really settled into one position.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph discussed that exact issue on Monday:

“He’s most likely going to be a defensive end. Our defensive ends are built much like 3-4 defensive ends, outside linebackers I should say. He’s more in that mold for us.”

Sounds like Jordan, who has always been listed as a defensive end despite the various other roles, will remain a defensive end whenever he returns to the field. The 6-foot-6, 275 pound Jordan is trying to catch up to the rest of his teammates, even while he is unable to get on the field.

“He’s been totally engaged in meetings and with his rehab,” Joseph explained. “He needs time to get healthy. Once he gets healthy, we’ll get him out there.”

Jordan’s timeline is expected to be similar to cornerback Xavien Howard, who also had arthroscopic knee surgery this offseason. The Dolphins anticipate Howard, who is on the Physically Unable to Perform list, to be ready by the start of the season on September 11.