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Who is Miami’s all-time favorite athlete?

The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade left to sign with the Chicago Bulls this week in NBA free agency. The question is, is Wade the favorite athlete of all-time in Miami, or is it Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino?

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

With the news yesterday, there were many analysts who stated Dwyane Wade was the all-time favorite athlete in Miami. Is that true? It might be, but it has to be close between Wade and Dan Marino, right?

I have never pretended to be a Miami Heat fan, though I do like to see them do well because of my affinity for the Dolphins. Because of that, I will always put Marino ahead of Wade, but those of you who are from Miami and have lived through the three championships with Wade, maybe Marino is truly second-chair to Wade.

Does Wade leaving to go to the Chicago Bulls change your attitude toward him? Marino considered going to the Minnesota Vikings at the end of his career, but decided to retire so he was only ever a Miami athlete. Even if he had gone to the Vikings, would the fact that the Dolphins did not want him back, while the Heat tried to re-sign Wade this offseason change things?

How much is Pat Riley to blame here?

Anyway, vote in the poll below to tell us who your favorite all-time Miami athlete is - Wade or Marino - and feel free to discuss in the comments.