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Happy 4th of July!

A Capitol Fourth 2015 Independence Day Concert Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capitol concerts

Happy Independence Day! Today marks the 240th birthday of the United States of America, with the Declaration of Independence creating a nation out of the 13 British colonies.

Be safe out there. Don’t drink and drive - and watch out for those around you who might be making a bad choice.

Also, be careful with fireworks. Every year, there are people who severely injure themselves - or worse - due to a firework accident. Don’t let that be you. Last year, Jason Pierre-Paul lost part of his right hand to fireworks. This year, he has a PSA called #FireworksHurt to stress the importance of fireworks safety.

Maybe, leave the fireworks to the professionals.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday, America!