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Correction: ‘They’re doing better than how negative you want to be about it’ reference CBs not QBs

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, I posted an article about Adam Gase appearing to call out a reporter for always being negative about the quarterbacks on the Miami Dolphins. I used the video on for this article, but now that I have read the official transcript of the press conference, the question asked was not “quarterbacks” but “cornerbacks.”

The question followed two others about quarterbacks and the question was muffled in the video, which led me to hear “quarterbacks.”

According to an article written by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, he was the one that asked the question, and it was “cornerbacks” not “quarterbacks.”

It is still good to see Adam Gase having some fun with the reporters and calling them out for being negative.

Here’s what Salguero wrote about the exchange:

That’s why Gase, known for trash-talking with his players, took a good-natured swipe when I asked how the current group of cornerbacks practicing through two days of training camp are doing so far.

“They’re doing better than how negative you want to be about it,” Gase said. “They’re doing good. They’re doing good.”

I like it. Swag from a Dolphins coach. Gase is sticking up for his corners in the face of critical thinking.