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Reshad Jones is the highest rated strong safety in Madden 17

EA Sports

Today, EA released their top-five strong safeties in Madden 17 and much to my surprise, Reshad Jones was the highest-rated strong safety in the game. Now I’m not surprised because Jones is the No.1 rated strong safety, I’m just surprised EA recognized his talent.

Top five strong safeties in Madden 17

  1. Reshad Jones (93 overall)
  2. Kam Chancellor (91 overall)
  3. Patrick Chung (86 overall)
  4. T.J Ward (85 overall)
  5. Morgan Burnett (85 overall)

Reshad Jones had an impressive 2015 season, combining for 135 tackles, 5 interceptions, and two touchdowns. He made his first Pro-Bowl appearance in 2015, quite the season for the five-year veteran. In Madden 17, Jones is a 93-overall and at the very top of the totem pole. Despite the high overall rating, his attributes are consistent throughout. His speed and acceleration are high, in addition to his agility. His finest attributes are probably under the surface, and not shown in the screenshot below. Jones is a great tackler, and can lay the hit-stick on a crossing wide receiver at all times. He is good in coverage, and should have received better attributes in both man and zone coverage.

At the end of the day, there’s no better strong safety in Madden. I look forward to laying the wood on opposing wide receivers, with Miami Dolphins’ playmaking strong safety, Reshad Jones.

Madden 2017 is released on August 23rd.