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Dolphins skill-position players have youngest average age in NFL

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have the youngest set of skill starters in the NFL, according to a report from the PhillyVoice. Miami, at 24.5, is two-tenths of a year younger than the Philadelphia Eagles, who hold the second-youngest set of skill-position starters. There are just four teams whose average age is under 25 years old.

The report used the top quarterback, running back, three wide receivers, and tight end for each team to calculate the average age of all 32 teams.

The Dolphins clearly are a young offense, though they are one that should be able to quickly develop that youth movement into a functioning offense. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and tight end Jordan Cameron are both 27 years old, wide receiver Kenny Stills is 24 years old, and running back Jay Aayi and wide receivers Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker are all 23 years old. Tannehill is entering his fifth season in the NFL and is being given more control of the offense than he has been given in the past. Landry earned his first Pro Bowl berth last year and is set to be one of the top slot receivers in the league. Parker showed flashes in a injury slowed rookie season last year and should assume the team’s top receiver position this year. Stills adds a deep threat who provides Miami with a third weapon in the passing game.

Ajayi is moving into the starting lineup this year after Lamar Miller departed (Miller, by the way, is just 25, so he would have still kept Miami below a 25 year old average and make them the second youngest rather than youngest team in the league). Cameron struggled last year in Miami’s offense, but should see his production improve this year in Adam Gase’s new system.

Miami is clearly a young team, but they should be ready for the 2016 season in a way they have not been the last few years. Tannehill has control of the offense, already has a set relationship with Landry and is quickly building chemistry with Parker. He also has now had a year to get to work with Cameron and Stills, so they should both be better than last year, and Ajayi is out to prove he is capable of being the starting running back.

The rest of the AFC East sees the Buffalo Bills ninth with an average age of 25.2 for their skill players, the New York Jets are 21st with an average age of 27, and the New England Patriots are 31st with an average age of 31. The Baltimore Ravens have the oldest set of skill-position players with an average age of 31.5.

(H/T to PhinsTifosi)