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The New Phinsider Radio Team Brings in a New Era Tonight at 9 p.m. EST

Matthew Cannata, James Ferreira, and SUTTON bring the Miami Dolphins news real special-like to your eager ear drums. James McKinney makes sure it doesn't all crash and burn. Good luck, James.

Please, stop sulking over the 73 legitimate reasons you have for sulking about your favorite football team, and get your Miami Dolphins questions answered!

  • A Phinsider Radio Live Thread will become available about 8:00 p.m. EST. Write some questions down, geez, stop being such an introvert. You have an hour or so before we go live.

  • Call us in studio! We want this to be a community experience, and we've devoted ample time to answer your questions. Leave your hesitation at the door and let us know what's on your mind! (The studio call-in number will be available on the Live Thread. If you dial the wrong number, Alpha's monkeys will be deployed - sorry, this is an inadvertent glitch in our security system.)

  • Tweet MC$$$. Matthew Cannata, MC$$$, our new podcast leader, will be your Twitter correspondent (@FinsInsider). Tweet him and he'll greet 'em.

In our first onslaught of the air waves, we'll discuss the culture being created by Adam Gase and his coaching staff, Laremy Tunsil, have in-depth questions with our very own insider Max Himmelrich, and best of all, talk to fellow Dolphins fans no matter where you might be lurking.

We'd love to hear from you!

I can speak for the Phinsider Radio team in saying that we are proud to represent the Phinsider in our return to podcasting glory. I live in Cleveland. Yes, thank you, I know you are cyber-applauding me. MC$$$ reigns from Connecticut. James and James live in Florida. Not together. We're from all over the map, but, like you, we love the Dolphins just the same.

Tannehill Up, Gase Up, Wake Up, Seven Up, Phins Up!

Phinsider Radio: Tuesday, July 26th, 9:00 EST. Cool dudes. Be there.