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Ahhh, Dead Season is Almost in the Rearview Mirror

On Friday, July 29th, we get to go streaking, the grey world of dead season melts into a colorful world full of Miami Dolphins football.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Phinsider is a totally dominant machine in terms of Miami Dolphins discussion, and here, you get a think tank to explore the endless possibilities of an interdependent, yet constantly changing game of football, centered around parity, mind you. Oh yeah, and the most important part? The think tank is minimally interrupted by the douchebaggery of attention-seeking trolls who seek to sabotage the pursuit of thought development. The collection of conscientious members and the richness of perspectives certainly paint a picture of there being multiple ways to win football games, and all the minutiae and details that go into winning are some of my favorite topics of conversation.

But finally, we get to stop theorizing about it and get to watch it unfold.

We get to see how DeVante Parker is running routes. We get to see Jarvis Landry snag a couple one-handers. We get to see how Kiko Alonso is moving around. We get to see Xavien Howard and Tony Lippett battle. Oh yeah, people like Ryan Tannehill, Ndamukong Suh, Cameron Wake, Mario Williams, and like, a bunch of other dudes will be there.

We'll get a glimpse of the new Dolphins culture, how the coaching staff educates and trains their men, and we'll finally have tangible information from which to base our hopes and dreams on this upcoming season. We all want us to win, but how do we get there?

Who falls victim to the injury bug during camp? How do the carries split up in the RB group? Is Tunsil going to lock down the left guard position? Does a dark horse either A) make the team, or B) surprise us by winning a competition to start and/or garner more snaps?

I wish I could tell you that training camp will provide answers - it will, but it won't. For every question we have now, more will surface as we proceed through training camp. What training camp does is start to establish the narrative. Is this a team with a story worth telling?

Please, if you decide to attend a Dolphins training camp session, write a FanPost about it! Upload pictures if you can!

What questions get answered in training camp, and which questions emerge? Phins Up! Let's do this s***...