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Would the Dolphins spin the quarterback roulette wheel?

NFL: Miami Dolphins-OTA Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago, ESPN asked an interesting question.

The rules to the question are fairly simple. If you chose to spin, you get one spin of the wheel and your team gets the quarterback situation on which it lands. That could mean you land on someone like Aaron Rodgers and are ecstatic that you made the spin. It could mean you land on the New York Jets and get a situation where no one knows who will be playing quarterback for you. You could land somewhere in the middle with a player like Alex Smith, you could land on rookie Jared Goff, or you could end up with the prove-it situation like Kirk Cousins. There is no way to guarantee which situation you will "win" with a spin.

Looking at the Miami Dolphins, I am guessing most fans would make a spin and see if they could upgrade. There are just enough questions still surrounding Tannehill’s future that fans will take the chance on landing on someone like Rodgers or Tom Brady. The scary part is, however, landing on the Jets or Cleveland Browns.

Would you make the spin? Would you not want to take the chance of losing Tannehill to a situation where a team cannot re-sign their starting quarterback from last year? Would landing on someone like Brady, who might give you a few stellar years, but is nearing the end of his career, impact your decision?