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Would you rather be the coach, GM, or owner?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar may have turned to July, but it is still the middle of the one down period in the NFL calendar. That means, there is not always a lot to talk about. But, it does give us a chance to ask some random questions, and see what all of you are thinking.

Today is one of those questions.

We want to know, if you could be one of the top three people in a football organization, which would you be? Would you want to be the owner, in control of all of the decisions and probably worth billions, but not necessarily the person making football decisions? Would you want to be the General Manager (or Vice President of Football Operations), wheeling and dealing personnel and deciding who to sign in free agency or to select in the Draft? Or, would you want to be the head coach, making the on-field decisions on game day and setting up the players to succeed?

Vote in the poll below and let us know why you made that selection in the comments.