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DCC Registration open - The Phinsider registers as a ‘virtual rider’

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins Cancer Challenge registration has opened for DCC VII. That number seems special. VII. It almost seems....perfect.

In honor of Miami’s Perfect Season, capped by winning Super Bowl VII, and, more so, because The Phinsider community is such a huge group, we decided that, this year, we are going to do more than talk about DCC. This year, The Phinsider is a virtual rider.

What does that mean? You can help us raise money to assist in the fight for cancer. As a virtual rider, the fundraising goal is just $175. I know we can do a whole lot better than that. We have 260 days to raise as much money as this community of over 15,000 Dolphins fans can raise.

We are going to ask today - and throughout the next 260 days - for your donations to stop this disease that impacts all of us. Even if it is $1 today and another $1 three weeks from now, those could be the dollars that finally lead to a breakthrough and a cure. We never know when this cure will be found, but we can all help in our own little way.

If you can give, please consider it. We set this up so there is no middle man from the site - you know your money is going straight to the DCC and to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami.

You can check out our page right here, and click the “Give Now” button to donate if you can.