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The Phinsider Hall Of Fame Nominations Post

The Phinsider Hall Of Fame Nominations Post

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The first award to be voted on is not really an award at all but an induction to our Hall Of Fame here at the Phinsider. I know this should be the last award but I have never liked doing things the "normal" way. In year's past we have only inducted four members per year but being the rebel that I am. I am going to propose that we put in 10 this year. Why? Well because we need to make up for lost time and since Kevin has not been paying attention I can do whatever I want.

This post will be the nomination post. Please nominate a site member in the comments section that you believe deserves induction into our Hall Of Fame. Please use their proper screen name and feel free to second or third or so on the nomination. I will select the top 25 nominations and then Kevin will place them in a poll to be voted on.

Below are all the former inductees-

2008-2009 Inductees
Matty I
Little Nicky 21

2009-2010 Inductees
Mosul_DolFan (now Kevin Nogle)

2011-2012 Inductees
texascowpunk (now James McKinney)
The Earl (now Chris Early)
kmb8488 (now Keith Beebe)