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John Clayton’s 3-year predictions: Miami will make playoffs under Gase and Harbaugh will be coach

John Clayton’s three-year predictions for the Miami Dolphins seem to suggest an end to the Playoff drought under one head coach, but a change to another head coach in the same time frame.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-OTA Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the “What?!?” file comes a post from ESPN’s John Clayton. Clayton posted an article on Tuesday entitled “30 NFL projections for the next three years.” It is simply the view of the league from Clayton’s eyes, and what might happen between now and the start of the 2019 season. It includes things like Drew Brees landing a contract extension that keeps him in New Orleans at least three more seasons, Matthew Stafford becoming the league’s highest paid player by 2018, and Marvin Lewis ending his 0-7 streak as a playoff coach.

Then comes two predictions that involve the Miami Dolphins that seems to be at odds with each other.

First, Clayton’s 19th prediction:

New Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase will make things work for quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The big change will be letting Tannehill make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Tannehill is smart enough to handle that, and the Dolphins could get into the playoffs soon.

That would seem to be good news for Dolphins fans. Part of the appeal of Gase becoming the team’s head coach was his work with Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, and Jay Cutler. Should he be able to do the same type of work with Tannehill, the Dolphins could be in position to finally end a decade of mediocrity.

But, then, Clayton’s 30th prediction says Miami will be again making a coaching change:

I think Jim Harbaugh will stay at Michigan for more than four years. But if he does decide he wants to return to coaching in the NFL sometime soon, it will be with the Dolphins. Owner Stephen Ross is a big Michigan supporter who failed to land Harbaugh several years ago.

So, if Clayton’s version of the three-year future of the Dolphins is correct, they will both make the Playoffs under Gase and hire Jim Harbaugh as their coach. Unless Stephen Ross pulls the interview Harbaugh with a head coach in place trick again, these two predictions do not seem to work with each other.

Maybe the better question is, which would you rather see come true? Miami get to the playoffs with Gase and Tannehill, or Miami hire Harbaugh?