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Where should Dion Jordan play?

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Let's assume Dion Jordan is reinstated. Where would you play him?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

At some point this summer, the Miami Dolphins could find themselves suddenly with an extra player on their roster. Former third-overall pick Dion Jordan could be reinstated at any time, which would immediately add him back to Miami's roster after a year-plus suspension for drug use. Jordan was suspended in April 2015 for a diluted sample being provided, a break of the NFL's rules that triggers a positive drug test. It was the third suspension for Jordan, giving him the year-long ban.

If Jordan is reinstated, the Dolphins will have several decisions to make. Do they keep the player they traded up to select in 2013? Who would they release to make space for Jordan? And, maybe the most basic of all, where will Jordan play?

Jordan is listed as a defensive end and has said he is a defensive end. He has played defensive end for the Dolphins, and he should - if he ever reaches his potential - be a good pass rushing defensive end. The problem is, he could also be a really good linebacker. Jordan is a freak of an athlete, and can keep up with wide receivers and tight ends on route running. He could absolutely be a weapon to cover players like Rob Gronkowski.

Which brings up today's poll question. If you were the Dolphins coaches, where would you play Dion Jordan?