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Reshad Jones Reportedly Considering Sitting Out The Season

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Star Safety Wants A New Contract By Training Camp

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Sun Sentinel reported late Friday that Dolphins starting safety Reshad Jones is demanding a new contract prior to the start of training camp, and that if he doesn't get one, he is prepared to sit out the 2016 regular season in its entirety.

Jones apparently believes he has sufficient leverage to force the team to sit down with he and his agent to work out a new deal, and Jones is right.  Of 23 total draft picks over the past three seasons, the Dolphins have used only eight of them on defense and only two of those picks came before the fourth round.  The team has, quite literally, no one to replace Jones, if he were to be unavailable for duty, whether that be because of a holdout or injury, suspension, etc.

Unless Miami plans on trading Jones to a contending team, expect a new contract, or an extension of his existing contract, with plenty of new money added, to be announced soon.