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The Phinsider Vault - Dolphins First Win 2007

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A new feature here at The Phinsider will be Turtle's Throwback Thursday (#TTBT) videos on some of the memorable games we can remember. Whether we win or lose, there will always be those games you never forget... Here is one of them.

2007 - Week 17 - Dolphins 22, Ravens 16 (OT)

Dolphins get their first win of the season, making sure they don't go down in immortality for having an 0-16 DEFEATED season.

Turtle's Tidbits :

  • A tad bit different from last week's #TBTT, this game actually gave us a win but still secured us a spot with the #1 pick. Of course, Miami drafted Jake Long and went 11-5 next season... quite a difference.
  • Cam Cameron was honestly brutal. As douchy as Nick Saban was, Campbell was clueless as how to run an NFL team as a head coach. His press conference after selecting Ted Ginn was about as cringeworthy as you can get, even if he was the better pick over the crowd favorite QB Brady Quinn. That clip can't help me but laugh, and then cry.
  • Greg Camarillo on the other hand will forever in infamy for Dolphins fans alike. He was a pretty reliable slot receiver and he actually looked like one of our better players on our completely deplorable roster. But we will only remember this one catch. Camarillo was eventually replaced by a better Davone Bess, but he will always be loved by Dolphins fans, and for good reason.
  • Cleo Lemon wasn't good but he should have started this entire season. He was bad but exciting as opposed to John Beck who was bad and boring.
  • This was a very bright spot in a dark dark period of time for Miami. The change of emotion and the feeling of not feeling like a loser Dolphin fan that Miami was indescribable. This play alone makes this game a Top 5 candidate for Best Dolphin Game Ever, atleast that I've watched.
  • Watching this team makes me think if there was a Sports God, I think it might be time to finally give us Miami fans something to look forward to. We've been suffering for awhile now...

If you remember this game make sure to sound off below with your comments!