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Are we asking the wrong questions about Cameron Wake?

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Questions surround Cameron Wake this year as he comes back from an Achilles tear. Are we asking the wrong questions?

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins spent most of the 2015 season without defensive end Cameron Wake, who still finished the year with the second highest tally of quarterback sacks on the team, just half a sack behind Olivier Vernon’s 7.5 sack team high. Wake did all of that in just seven games played.

And, honestly, he recorded those seven sacks in just three games after a preseason hamstring issues lingered through the first month of the season. Wake appeared ready to have a dominant season, likely reaching double-digit sacks for the third time in four years and fourth time in his career. That all ended in Week 7, however, when he tore his Achilles tendon.

Question marks surround Wake coming into the 2016 season, with most of those focused on the fact that he is 34 years old in a league where that is considered old. People question what the four-time Pro Bowl, one-time First-Team All-Pro selection will be able to bring back to the Dolphins as the season begins.

The real question that should be considered right now is, could Wake be the league’s Comeback Player of the Year?

The Dolphins brought Wake along slowly during the offseason training program, purposely keeping him on the sidelines during drills to make sure he was ready when training camp started. That plan eventually changed, however, as Wake worked his way back into individual, then team, drills and was fully participating during the veterans minicamp.

And, Wake looked like Wake during those practices.

The team has not yet been in pads, so there are still hurdles that Wake will have to cross, including full contact and actual game scenarios, but Wake has looked explosive again and he will continue to get better as the team ramps up the speed when training camp starts in July.

Will Wake be able to turn a shortened 2015 season into a Comeback Player of the Year? Will he come back into the NFL looking to show what last year should have been? Will be have the chip on his shoulder that he carried with him when he came back from the CFL to become the second-leading pass rusher in terms of sacks in team history?

Wake will come back motivated this year. He is going to be looking to prove everyone who is questioning him wrong. He is going to be looking to prove that, at 34 years old, he is not old. And he is going to be looking to dominate the NFL this year.

Which means, we might be asking all the wrong questions. There might only be one question that should be asked.

Cameron Wake, 2016 NFL Comeback Player of the Year?