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If you could change one moment in Dolphin history, what would it be?

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St. Louis Rams v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

Congratulations! You just invented a time machine and have the power to use it one time to change something about the Miami Dolphins. It can only be one moment in the past. What will it be?

The rules for today’s offseason talk topic are simple. You have to tell us what the change would be, why you picked that moment to change, and what you would do instead. It also has to be a change you can actually make - sorry, not allowing Dan Marino to age is not a possibility.

My change is going to jump back to the offseason between the 1999 and 2000 season. Marino just retired, and the team was surrounded by question marks. The thing that gets forgotten here is, that is also the offseason Jimmy Johnson sailed off to the Keys and Dave Wannstedt took over. As much as I loved Ricky Williams running all over the place, my change would be to stop the Wannstedt hiring and instead, convince a coach who was the head coach of the New York Jets for a day to go, not to the New England Patriots, but to move to Miami instead.

Of course, 1999 was the year Bill Belichick was hired for the Patriots, starting their move to the top of the division as the Dolphins began a slow slide down the rankings.

Your turn. What’s your change?