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Could Jay Ajayi be a top ten fantasy running back in 2016?

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins under-utilized starting running back Lamar Miller over the past two seasons, a fact that frustrated fans, Miller himself, and fantasy football players. The Dolphins routinely abandoned the running game, and ultimately it led to Miller leaving the team this offseason, signing with the Houston Texans in free agency.

This year, the team will rely on second-year running back Jay Ajayi to headline the running back corps. Will Ajayi be able to step into Miller’s shoes? Will the Dolphins, with a new coaching regime including head coach Adam Gase, be more dedicated to the ground game? According to, this could be a good year to grab Ajayi in your fantasy football league.

Adam Rank posted on on Wednesday his 16 bold fantasy football predictions for this season. Number seven on his countdown takes a look at Ajayi and the Dolphins:

7. I'm pro Jay Ajayi; he's going to be a top-10 running back.

He's fragile and I wouldn't want to build a dynasty squad around him. But for this year? In Adam Gase's offense as the lead back? I'm in.

That is a bold prediction, given most people do not give credit to the Dolphins for (a) having a new offense this year, instead choosing to point out how they did not properly use Miller last year, and (b) trusting Ajayi to stay healthy and be able to be an NFL starting running back.

Ajayi should be someone you consider as a third - and maybe even a second - running back. According to, Ajayi is currently the 22nd running back coming off fantasy draft boards, with an average draft position of 62.3. On, Ajayi is the 24th running back being selected, but his average draft position is 50.5 and he is moving up.

If Ajayi does become a top ten fantasy running back this year, you will have landed a steal in the fifth/sixth round of your draft.