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The Phinsider Vault - Dolphins Clinch AFC East

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A new feature here at The Phinsider will be Turtle's Throwback Thursday (#TTBT) videos on some of the memorable games we can remember. Whether we win or lose, there will always be those games you never forget...

2009 - Week 17 - Dolphins 24, Jets 17

Dolphins Clinch AFC East with win at the Meadowlands in the last regular season game.

Turtle's Tidbits :

  • Sometimes I think I really miss the wildcat. But really, I just miss Ronnie and Ricky. They didn't do much this game, but they did enough.
  • That wildcat-double-reverse-flea flicker was pretty sick. But Ricky ruined it. Maybe the only time I was ever mad at him ever in a game. I'll give him a pass considering he was probably really high.
  • I miss Yaremiah Bell. He really couldn't cover but was an insane tackler and solid blitzer. Look at old highlights and you'll see that he was everywhere... I'd miss him more except we have Reshad Jones now.
  • I miss the Lousaka Monster. He was an automatic gimme for any down where we needed 2 or less yards.
  • Jason Trusnik recovered a fumble for the Jets. He ended up on Miami and I'm pretty sure that he got his first career INT against Tom Brady for us, if anyone remembers that?
  • Look at how comfortable Chad Pennington is in the pocket. You can literally see the veteran leadership and command he shows in this offense. His playaction was fantastic even despite the fact that his noodle arm died after 40 yards.
  • Ted Ginn had great hands this game. I loved how after he scored he looked at the ball like "Wow, so I CAN catch!"
  • Phillip Merling made the play of the game his entire career in this game.
  • I miss Davone Bess. Get better buddy.
  • Watching this game made me ponder, "I wonder what if Dustin Keller never got hurt in the preseason for us?".
  • John Denney with a bad snap... don't see that often.
  • Leon Washington was pretty good... whatever happened to him?
  • Brandon London!?... actually, what the HELL happened to him!? He was a crowd favorite over here and I think even stopped by to do an interview with this site at one time!
  • I really don't remember if Andre Goodman was good or bad but I know he had some big games for us. This was one of them. 2 picks against a future Hall of Famer.
  • Beating the Jets in their house. Knocking them out of the playoffs. Knocking New England out of the playoffs. Claiming the AFC East title....
  • This was one of my favorite Dolphin games ever!

If you remember this game make sure to sound off below with your comments!