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How did you get your username?

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New York Giants v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

It is the middle of June, meaning we are reaching that point in the offseason where there is not a lot of new news about the Miami Dolphins, or the NFL in general. Of course, what is out there, we will bring to you as soon as we can (like Arian Foster yesterday), but overall, the next few weeks will be fairly quiet around the NFL.

This is the best time of the team for us to get to know each other, here on The Phinsider, a little better. We have things like The Phinsider Awards being started by James McKinney this week, but that will not be the only “community oriented” posts we have between now and the start of training camp.

The first of those posts asks you how you came up with your username here on The Phinsider. Is it you favorite player, is it a reflection of a hobby or interest, or is it just something random? Let us know.

As for me, my username is my actual name, so that is kind of boring. Some of you may remember way back when (2008-2011), when I used to be Mosul_Dolfan. Every now and then, someone will still call me “Mosul” on the site, and, if you were not around then, you might not know why. The Phinsider was originally founded by Matt Infante, “MattyI.” I found the site in 2008 when I was deployed to Iraq with the Army and was looking for a way to get Dolphins news and rumors. Being in Iraq, when I decided to go from a lurker to a commenter, I needed a name, and, since I did not see myself as being a major commenter/FanPost contributor/Front Page author/Managing Editor over the next eight years, I picked Mosul_Dolfan because I was...get Mosul.

I know, original, right?

How about you? Where did you get your name?