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Adam Gase brings new life to the Miami Dolphins

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The Dolphins look very different under new head coach, Adam Gase.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Gone are the days of Joe Philbin, a.k.a Mr.Queasy as some may recall. His constant bed checks and good-guy mentality proved inadequate for the NFL game. After three years of mediocrity, Ross finally fired Philbin, paving the way for his polar opposite, Dan Campbell. What Campbell lacked in coaching experience, he made up for with his bravado mentality. The Dolphins turned the 2015 season around briefly, before reverting back to their old, mediocre ways. With another coaching search on the horizon, the Dolphins decided to go after one of the NFL’s most coveted offensive coordinators. His name is Adam Gase.

After Gase’s first off-season as an NFL head coach, the Dolphins have noticed significant change throughout the organization. Ryan Tannehill has begun his evolution from Bill Lazor’s anemic offense to Adam Gase’s high-octane offense. Tannehill now has more control over the offense, with the ability to audible at the line of scrimmage. This is something he was unable to do under Bill Lazor, resulting in poor protection, as well as play calling. The Dolphins have surrounded Tannehill with one of the league’s best supporting casts. Miami added to their already loaded wide receiver core and have greatly improved the offensive line. The sky is the limit for Tannehill this season, and fans and coaches alike expect big things from the fifth-year quarterback.

This off-season, Ndamukong Suh has taken more of a leadership role and has been present more than years past. He has developed a solid rapport with Gase, as well as new defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. Along with Cameron Wake and Mario Williams, the Dolphins have one of the league’s best defensive lines, with much of the team’s defensive success relying heavily on the trio. The secondary has improved with Byron Maxwell and Xavien Howard, and should help a team that allowed 27 touchdowns through the air in 2016.

It is anyone’s guess to how the Dolphins will look come September, but one thing is for sure, Adam Gase has the Dolphins headed in the right direction.