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Davone Bess arrested in Arizona

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Former Miami Dolphins receiver Davone Bess is in trouble with the police again.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess has been arrested in Arizona, according to a report from the Arizona Republic’s Danielle Quijada. The report indicates Bess fled from police during a traffic stop around midnight. He was then identified driving his in neighborhood, with police again trying to stop him. He then barricaded himself in his car.

After a standoff in his car, Bess ran into his house, where he again barricaded himself. At 4:45 am, Bess was arrested after police and SWAT personnel received a warrant to enter the home.

Bess is being held on suspicion of three felony charges: endangerment, felony flight, and failure to stop for a police officer.

Bess, who spent 2008 to 2012 with the Dolphins and part of the 2013 season with the Cleveland Browns, has been in a downward spiral since 2013. He was hospitalized against his will by his family in March 2013, after an incident in which six Breward County, Florida police officers were needed to restrain Bess and remove him from his home while he was screaming things like, “Hide the guns!” and “Where’s my weed?” That incident, which was not made public until January 2014, was first reported by the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley.

The Dolphins traded Bess to the Browns a month after his hospitalization, with various reports about whether or not the Browns were aware of the incident prior to the trade. The Dolphins are not required to share that information during trade talks, but it could be seen as an integrity issue around the league for former Miami GM Jeff Ireland, according to a Miami Herald report from Armando Salguero.

The issues for Bess continued in the 2013 season, when he posted pictures to his Instagram account in December and January that appeared to show him smoking marijuana. The Browns also deactivated him for the final weeks of the season, listing the reasoning for the move as an “illness.” Reports at the time indicated they were worried about his mental health at the time.

A day after the social media posts in January 2014, Bess was arrested at Fort Lauderdale International Airport for assaulting an officer. He was described as walking down the airport concourse acting "irrationally, dancing, signing with pants repeatedly falling down." When an officer asked Bess if he was alright, Bess grabbed a cup of coffee that "did not belong to him" and squeezed the cup to pour the coffee on the officer's uniform. Bess then took a "fighting stance" before the officer hit Bess with his baton in the leg, which had no effect. Bess then removed his shirt and resumed his "fighting stance," refusing to get on the ground as ordered. Once backup units arrive, Bess surrendered.

The downward spiral for a once productive receiver for Miami continues. As a member of the South Florida franchise, Bess caught 321 passes for 3,447 yards with 12 touchdowns in five seasons. His best career years was in 2010, when he caught 79 passes for 820 yards with five touchdowns, all career bests.