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Kenny Stills- Still A Major Threat For Miami

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Not Overly Popular With Fan Base, WR Has Plenty To Prove

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, with the start of the 2016 regular season just three months away, which receiver is more popular among the Phinsider faithful?

Surely it's the fourth year player with over 2000 career receiving yards, 931 of which came during the 2014 season, in New Orleans' high-powered offense, the fellow who had three receptions longer than forty yards just last year for the Dolphins and whose father and uncle before him also played in the NFL , right?

No ?  You mean the fans are more excited about a guy who's never played a single down in the National Football League, wasn't selected until the 86th overall pick and whom eight other teams chose to go in a different direction at wide receiver before the Dolphins came calling, near the end of the third round?  Really?  That guy?

Maybe Leonte Carroo will eventually be a star in this league; the team reportedly had a late second round grade on him prior to the draft, which was why they packaged multiple draft picks to go up and get him, after having already used their original third rounder on Alabama running back Kenyan Drake.

But while Carroo may well be a player of the future, Kenny Stills is a player of the present, right now, today.  Two seasons ago, he was Drew Brees' most reliable deep threat, and he turned in an eye-popping 4.38 forty time at the 2013 draft combine in Indianapolis.

Yet, based on the commentary here, large numbers of Phinsider fans apparently believe that the rookie will leapfrog the fourth year veteran when training camp opens this Summer.  All we can tell you at this point in time is, don't count on it.  With an improved offensive line that figures to give Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill that critical extra second or two to look for his downfield targets, an improved receiving corps which also features returning stud DeVante Parker and the always dangerous Jarvis Landry, we wouldn't want to be the opposing cornerback who finds himself singled up on the outside against Kenny Stills this Fall.