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Canopy going on Dolphins’ stadium

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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins’ home stadium - currently called “New Miami Stadium” as naming rights are being negotiated - is undergoing a $450+ million upgrade, headlined by the addition of a canopy over the seating area. The Dolphins have repeatedly stated that the stadium will be ready by August 25, when the team was supposed to hold their first preseason game in the stadium. That game has been moved to Orlando as part of the NFL’s deal to move the Pro Bowl to the Central Florida city, but that has not changed the expectation of the stadium being ready.

Updates from Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel have shown the stadium in various stages of the upgrades, most notably with the four new video boards being installed in the four corners of the stadium. That is, until today.

Today, Garfinkle broke out some new pictures on Twitter, and the canopy is being installed:

It looks good and should make games more comfortable for fans this year, while keeping the heat on the field to give the team a South Florida advantage. Hopefully, it also helps hold in the sound and make the former Joe Robbie Stadium a rocking place throughout the year.