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Dion Jordan applying for reinstatement Wednesday

Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan will apply for reinstatement on Wednesday according to reports.

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have been in a holding pattern when it comes to defensive end Dion Jordan, not knowing whether or not the former third-overall draft pick will be reinstated by the NFL following a year-long suspension for drug use. According to an USA Today report on Monday, Jordan will officially apply for reinstatement on Wednesday.

Jordan has been eligible for reinstatement since April 28, which marked the end of his one-year suspension. Jordan was suspended after a diluted sample was provided for a drug sample. Jordan had previously been suspended for two games and four games in two separate suspensions in 2014. The USA Today report indicates the first drug suspension was for MDMA (ecstasy) and the second was for marijuana.

Jordan., for whom Miami traded up in 2013 to select with that third-overall pick, has played 26 games since his selection, recording 39 tackles and three sacks.

"I'm not about to waste it. I can't waste it. And I (expletive) love doing it," Jordan told USA TODAY Sports. "Who doesn't love running out in front of 30,000-plus fans and you get that rush? But it's also things that you can get that rush from that can be very satisfying and can carry you on to a successful life after football."

Jordan is saying the right things after missing so much time between suspensions and injury issues. "I just turned 26 years old, so life starts to hit you in the face. Who are you outside of those shoulder pads and helmet? And it's weird, but I feel like it's a blessing for me at this point in time to think about it, instead of waiting ‘til they really tell me I can't play football no more."

The Dolphins could use Jordan at either defensive end or move him to outside linebacker, where he could be asked to use his exceptional athleticism to cover the top tight ends in the league, including the New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski.

"I don't have a problem trying to rush a quarterback or dropping back in coverage," Jordan said. "That's the easy part."

Jordan told USA Today " he has been drug-free since well before a diluted sample in December 2014 triggered the minimum one-year ban. He is tested for drugs twice a week and hasn't missed or failed a test since the ban began in April 2015, according to his agent, Doug Hendrickson."

"I just want to play football," Jordan said. "Because I got myself in trouble, I really ain't got the say-so in a lot of things. But I do have the say-so in how I approach every day, how I approach my workout, how I deal with people, outside when I walk the streets, and how I wake up every morning as far as getting done what I need to do to get back on the football field."

If Jordan can stay clean, he could be a huge addition for the Dolphins. He has the potential to be an All-Pro, either at defensive end or linebacker, but has not lived up to that potential since Miami selected him. The Dolphins have said they would welcome him back whenever he is reinstated.