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Dolphins uniforms for 2016: White, aqua, and throwback all making a Miami appearance

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins announced on Monday, through an interview with team president and CEO Tom Garfinkel conducted by The Phinsider and two other Dolphins fan sites, the jerseys they will be wearing during each home game in the 2016 season. According to Garfinkel, the team, during the regular season, will wear their traditional home white uniform four times, their aqua jerseys twice, and bring back last year's 1966 throwback uniform for two games.

"Historically there was a mindset that the white jerseys are cooler in the hot weather and so we always wore white for home day games," Garfinkel told me. "On the road, we wear the opposite of what the home team wears, so it's usually white as well. Consequently, we end up wearing white for 14 or 15 games a year. We asked and football operations agreed to wear the aqua/aqua against the Bills in 2014 and against the Patriots last year. The players and fans loved it. We have to submit the jersey colors to the NFL before the season but the color of the pants can change during the season. Adam, Mike, and Chris are very collaborative and open to change and mixing it up. It's not 100 percent set yet, but we anticipate the uniforms this year will be as follows:

  • Aqua jerseys for preseason home games.
  • White jerseys for preseason away games.
  • White jerseys for Cleveland, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Arizona home games. Tennessee will be our Breast Cancer Awareness game.
  • Throwbacks for Buffalo home game, which will be our alumni game.
  • Aqua jersey for New York Jets game, which will be our Salute to Service game.
  • Throwbacks for San Francisco game.
  • Aqua jersey for New England game.
  • Color rush for Thursday night away game at Cincinnati (NFL will announce colors)."

Garfinkel's discussion of the jersey selections for 2016 made me want to put that together in a graphic. So, here is a look at which jersey (as he said, the pants could change), Miami is planning to wear for each home game this year: