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Worst Dolphins jersey to own

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What is the most embarrassing Dolphins jersey you own?

Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans - October 1, 2006 Photo by Bob Levey/NFLPhotoLibrary

USA Today's For the Win released a listing of "the most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team" recently. Sadly, I own the jersey on the list for the Miami Dolphins. I know I cannot be the only one, and there might be some that are even more embarrassing.

Some of the highlights (lowlights?) on the list include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Josh Freeman, the Seattle Seahawks' Matt Flynn, the Tennessee Titans' Randy Moss, the Kansas City Chiefs' Todd Blackledge, the Oakland Raiders' JaMarcus Russell, and the SAn Diego Chargers' Ryan Leaf.

Who got the nod for the Dolphins?

Daunte Culpepper.

Yeah, I own that number eight jersey, just as a painful reminder of not signing Drew Brees. That is exactly how FTW explained the pick of the Culpepper jersey as well:

"Here’s your daily reminder the Dolphins passed on Drew Brees for Culpepper, Miami."

Which embarrassing Dolphins jersey do you own?