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Phinsider Flash Poll: Will the Miami Dolphins Offense Be Better Or Worse In 2016?

They Miami Dolphins have added and lost many players this off-season, thus far. With the flurry of new player acquisitions and previous plays leaving we ask will this offense now be better or worse?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the previous poll, we asked the question "Will the Miami Dolphins defense be better or worse in 2016?". Like the Defense, the Dolphins also experienced some turnover on the offensive side of the ball. Not only will new head coach Adam Gase have a huge influence on quarterback Ryan Tannehill but he will for sure influence the play of the entire unit.  Gase also brought in Clyde Christensen as the offensive coordinator to run the unit and oversee an entirely new offensive assistant coaches staff. Also as with the defense the offense lost a few key players from last season but then added quite a bit of new blood to the mix as well as a hand full of draftees. Some of these moves seemed popular with the fan base while others, not so much.

So as a fan, with all you know now, "Will the Miami Dolphins Offense be better or worse in 2016?".