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Phinsider Flash Poll: Will the Miami Dolphins Defense Be Better Or Worse In 2016?

They Miami Dolphins have added and lost many players this off-season, thus far. With the flurry of new player acquisitions and previous plays leaving we ask will this defense now be better or worse?

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

Another disappointing season has passed us by and now we are in the midst of the dead period of the offseason.  The flurry of the NFL free agency period has passed as has the annual excitement that is the NFL draft. Now we are only left with those few free agents floating around out there looking for a home waiting for a team to come calling. Some will be snatched up in the coming weeks as we head into Summer while others will load up on extra vacationing, waiting for a team to "develop" a need for a body to fill a hole when either a player does not work out in camp or a player goes down in camp or even into the season. Some players are without a home due to just their overall lack of talent at the NFL level while others are getting up in years and teams tend to want to get younger and cheaper even if it means putting a player with some life left to his game on the couch at home for a few games or maybe even for good.

The Dolphins are no different than the rest of the NFL except that we are once again one of the teams that experienced a coaching staff turnover. With that we now have a new head coach, Adam Gase and a new defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph, as well as a slew of other new defensive assistants. Along with those moves came a flurry of player moves. There was a trade that brought new faces to the defense, then the free agent signings and of course some surprising cuts. The draft came and went but the Dolphins seemed to focus on offense, overlooking many positions of needs, at least in the eyes of many fans.

So as a fan, with all you know now, "Will the Miami Dolphins defense be better or worse in 2016?".